Meet Our CEO — David Nolan

David has spent over 25 years as a successful, professional financial planner and property developer and has developed a very unique set of skills which he gladly uses to help others to acquire wealth. A Business graduate of Monash University in Melbourne where he majored in Marketing, David’s passion for success and helping others has been one of the key drivers in his diverse career. His personal mission is to assist as many people as possible to create financial independence using all the tools that are available today.

A strong advocate of change David believes that it is never too late to change the way things are done, especially if the change is for personal growth and development. He believes that there is no time like the present to start the journey into the future. In fact, it is from today onwards that all our futures lie. The past is just that, the past, so move forward and learn new skills, especially where the old skills are not serving you well enough.