First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers

Are you about to buy your first home? Congratulations!

This is a very exciting time in your life and it can also be very daunting. Dealing with professional real estate agents, mortgage brokers or bankers, solicitors, pest control experts, building inspectors and the list goes on. It can all seem overwhelming.

Many of the professionals you will engage in this process will be working exclusively for you. The solicitor, the broker or banker, the pest control guy and the building inspector are all hired by you to give you information, guidance and advice. However, there is one person who you might think is working for you when in fact by law they are working for the vendor, the seller of the property. That person is the real estate agent.

By law, in Queensland, the real estate agent is hired exclusively to represent the vendor in a property transaction where the vendor has hired the real estate agent. Their job is to provide the vendor with a set of skills and services to help them market and sell the property. At the  BEST POSSIBLE PRICE they can get FOR THE VENDOR!

The agent will no doubt be of great service to you in the process of showing you through the property, answering your questions about the property and inviting you to make an offer on the property if you are so interested. If you do wish to make an offer the real estate agent will prepare a contract for you to sing outlining your offer to the vendor to purchase their property. This is all very standard in buying a property here in Queensland. However, most agents that we are aware of will charge the vendor a commission for selling the property. This commission is a percentage figure of the sales price they can achieve. The higher the price the agent can get you to pay the higher the commission they will earn. This is quite legal and is within normal operating procedures for real estate agents in Queensland to be paid this way.

What this means to you however is that the lovely agent that is assisting you and helping you find your ideal property is not actually working for you. they are working for the vendor. So, here is a situation where an experienced, professional sales person with potentially highly developed negotiation skills is negotiating with you, a first time buyer with potentially no real negotiation experience and an emotional involvement. On the surface this appears a little one sided.

We dislike one sided negotiations, so we provide a service to level the playing field for you. We are highly skilled and vastly experienced negotiators with no emotional attachment to the property in question and we are ready to come and work for YOU!

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