We do the best deals GUARANTEED!

Who We Are

Optimum Deals are professional property investors specializing in securing the absolute best possible deals for everyone we deal with.
 Our expert team of professionals manage all facets of property investment from simple acquisitions to multi-unit developments and everything in between. No deal is too big or too small. Every deal has an optimum value and we strive to achieve just that. 

Mentoring Program

At Optimum Deals we don't just do the deals we also mentor people who want to change their lives and become professional property investors. Our 12 month mentoring program is totally unique. We don't just teach you all you need to know to do profitable property deals, we also teach you how to become successful in your life. How to make the changes that you have always wanted but not known how to adopt.
Our mentoring program is backed by our $100,000.00 income guarantee. If you do not make $100,000.00 in your first year of investing we will pay you the difference between what you do earn and $100,000.00. 

For any business related queries you can call David on: 0437 912 393