We Help Our Clients Save Money When Buying Their Home


Property Purchasing Made Easy With Personalised Strategies And Support

Optimum Deals is owned and operated by professional real estate negotiation experts. We specialise in securing the best possible property price for our valued clients.

Our expert team of professionals manage all facets of property negotiation. No deal is too big or small.

At Optimum Deals our mission is to deliver real value to our clients to meet their purchasing objectives. Some clients hire us because they want to secure the best possible price, other clients hire us to remove the stress of negotiating with professional sales people, such as real estate agents. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to hire us, we are here to assist and support you on your journey. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation.


The Benefits of Using Optimum Deals

You gain access to our knowledge and experience. With decades of combined experience in the industry, you become the benefactor of our experience.

Many home buyers spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on purchases that they do not need to spend. With Optimum Deals, you will have our professional experience working for you to get the lowest possible price for that home you want to buy whilst not having to deal with the stresses of negotiating against trained negotiators hired to get you to pay the maximum they can get from you.

You can choose to be hands-on, looking over our shoulder and learning, or you can be a passive client - the choice is yours!

Learning successful negotiation skills takes time and special expertise - let us do the heavy lifting to accelerate your progress.

Optimum Deals is constantly in the market and has access to some of the best negotiators around, which means significant savings for our clients.

We have access to an extensive network of professionals who can assist you to achieve your dream of home ownership at the best possible price.

 Don't make the mistake of paying too much for your home. Let us take the pressure off and get you the best deal we can.